APACHE portal

APACHE portal

Our standard system for automatic detection of length, width, height, loading equipment, volume, weight and photo. Available as stationary or depended version.
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The freight is moved by a forklift, a pallet truck or an E-forklift to load a checkpoint. There it is placed on a platform scale, and even take the sharp eyes of the APACHE portal object more closely. Length, width, height, loading equipment, volume, weight and a photo will be automatically displayed, stored and documented.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

The dimensions depend on the mount of choice (ceiling, wall, free-standing)

Movement Speed

ca. 0,5m/sec.

Minimum package size

20 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm

Measuring Area

350 cm – 700 cm x 250 cm x 280 cm


Usually one platform per measuring station Size and weighing range as required The technical data are given in the documentation of the manufacturer of the weighing device.


2cm / 2cm / 1cm


Here you can download the datasheet APACHE p8!

Case Study

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