APACHE contour

APACHE contour

The measuring device for detection of Overhang and container classification, determined by laser scanning a three dimensional image of the cargo and calculated from these data provide important characteristics such as maximum height, length and width, volume and stroke type. In addition, the measurement object with O.K. or N.I.O. evaluated.

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Different aircraft types require different container contours to ensure the best possible utilization of space. Container contours range from simple cuboids to cuboid structures with slopes on one or both sides to approximate circular arcs. The heights of the pallets can be up to 3 m. Whether or not an aircraft pallet with the contour designation B757F actually fits into the stowage space of a Boeing 757F is difficult to say.

In addition, the measuring object is rated O.K. or N.O.K., which prevents costly damage to aircraft.

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