Shipping Document Handling

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Systems for the use in picking and distribution centres

Shipping document handling with redtagger.

Automatic and efficient handling of shipping documents

redtagger is the ideal solution for the automation of the insertion process of documents in boxes, for the application of labels and many other processes.

The integration of our redtagger systems creates a flexible flow of goods as well an increase in productivity through the automation of time-consuming manual labors. The compatibility with our APACHE-systems redtagger significantly increases the degree of automation in outgoing goods departments. redtagger can easily be incorporated into existing conveyor systems to increase your efficiency.


What is Shipping Document Handling?

Print & Place

redtagger T-200 side

redtagger T-200

redtagger facilitates a fully automated print and insertion of shipping documents such as delivery slips, invoices, return labels or transfer forms. The system will be integrated into your existing conveyor system and significantly increases your efficiency. Timing is critical: The system continuously verifies if the documents match the packages to prevent any errors.

Print & Merge

One of our competencies is the merger of documents and goods. Our merging system merges the documents with the goods after the print job is done. Therefore manual mergers belong to the past.

The labelling, marking and merging of all incoming or outgoing shipping goods as well as the insertion of invoices in document pouches guarantee a quicker and cost-efficient shipping process.

What are the advantages?

  • Easy maintenance through an optimized, easy to access design

  • High profitability with a huge saving of time in environments such as just-in-time print-data handling

  • Demand-oriented use of energy

  • Low noise-emission

  • High throughput due to automated job start

  • Easy Interfacing through a uniform visualization

  • Custom-built controls, tailored for specific purposes

  • Software Interfaces all from a single source

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