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Storage space optimization and automated master data acquisition with CUBISCAN®

Dimensioning is still not a science! But we say yes. CubiScan and Co. measuring boxes and all kinds of objects – adapted to the needs of our customers. Core competencies indicated.

What is the difference to the cargo survey?

As with freight surveying, master data determination requires geometry data such as length, width and height. We offer systems for automated, simple and fast master data acquisition directly from the world market leader CubiScan. With specially developed interfaces, we integrate volumetric instruments directly into your IT infrastructure. The master data is automatically transferred to your existing systems.

In addition, the CubiScan systems help to reduce the volume of empty vials when choosing the optimal loading aid and determining a precisely sized package size. Substantial cost savings can be achieved with master data based freight cost optimization.

What are the advantages?

  • Fast acquisition of master data such as length, width, height and weight
  • Easy handling through an easy-to-use interface
  • Complete integration into your existing IT infrastructure
  • Exact measurement data for precise further processing and picking
  • Space-saving storage and packaging lead to significantly lower storage and shipping costs