APACHE kee 2

APACHE kee 2 – The newest innovation for the detection of packages in intralogistic supply chains.
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kee 2 was created to precisely measure and weigh packaging units such as fruit and vegetable crates, as well as other type of packages. The range of applications can be expanded on almost any type of existing type of packaging.

There is an almost infinite amount of different packaging types in the area of logistics with different properties such as stackability, shape, maximum load etc.. This creates an obstacle for large logistic facilities, since users can not always recognize how the packaging unit should be handled. How many crates can I stack on top of each other? Which type of goods can be stored in this container? Our system serves the purpose of detecting these kinds of features so ruther processing can be simplified significantly. The user merely has to place the packaging unit in our system and can detect the storage and handling possibilities with the press of a button.

Advantages of the Package Detection Unit:

  • Precise detection of measurements and weight
  • Recognition of packaging unit type and therefore detecting the possible load capacity
  • Recognition of predominant features
  • Verification of structural integrity

The device is incredibly easy to use:

The user places a packaging unit on the scale and presses the start button on the Touch panel interface. The sled with the scale is pulled inside and the doors are closed while the measurement takes place. The user can monitor the current status of the machiine at any time through the integrated Touch-Display and can access the gathered data with the intuitive interface. As soon as the measurement has been successfully taken, the display outputs the measurement data and the scale is moved outside through the doorway.

The efficient and easy operating concept enables the precise detection of dimensions and weight within a short period of time.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

180 cm x 200 cm x 210 cm


The technical data of the weighing device can be found in the manufacturer’s documentation.

Ziffernschritte Waage

0,002 kg

Maximum package size

62 cm x 42 cm x 35 cm


Datasheet APACHE kee 2 EN

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