303, 2022

trans-o-flex relies on systems from AKL-tec in distribution centers

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Freight measurement solutions support smooth processes and transparency   The logistics service provider trans-o-flex relies on the solutions of AKL-tec GmbH for calibrated freight measurement. A total of ten systems are used by the company based in Weinheim, Germany, to ensure smooth and transparent shipping processes.  "Our requirement was that the systems could be used for measuring pallets as well as oversized packages and that excellent documentation takes place. We finally found what we were looking for with AKL-tec: With the APACHE portal movable as well as APACHE dual zone, we can now meet our specific measurement requirements," says Wolfgang P. Albeck, CEO of trans-o-flex. The movable system APACHE portal movable is predestined for flexible use on changing positions or at always different locations and collects the data where it is needed at any given time. By simply folding the supports, which are equipped with rollers, the device can be moved to its new position within a very short time. The goods are automatically measured and weighed, and documentation with image recording is also carried out if required. The mode of operation is based on two laser probes, which are located on a measuring beam and detect the object as soon as it is in position. The freight is placed within the measuring range and the measuring process is started by barcode scan or manually. The data is then transmitted to the customer database by automatically transferring the length, width, height, photo and weight of the goods. Alongside the operation of the moving system, trans-o-flex also uses the APACHE portal dual zone. A total of nine such solutions are used at trans-o-flex. The freight is picked up as a complete pallet, placed on the scales and the data is transferred directly and automatically to the system. The dual zone is especially predestined for oversized freight. A particular advantage of this system is that measurement is possible in almost any shape and size. Thanks to the two independent measuring zones, it is possible to place object A in a free measuring zone to determine exact values and to place the next object on the second surface. In this way, the output in the process is significantly increased. If there is additional demand, the measuring area can be extended individually and flexibly, so that both measuring zones can be combined into one large area, for example, if long products are involved. For trans-o-flex, it was very important that the measuring and weighing system be calibrated so that the results can also be used as a basis for correct freight invoicing. Added to this was the requirement for a minimal risk of failure due to technical errors. "Two other aspects are at least as important," explains Albeck. "Knowing the correct weight increases safety because vehicles are not overloaded due to incorrect information. Rather, we can optimize the utilization of all vehicles." This reduces costs and protects the environment, he adds. "We put various providers through their paces before making our choice. And [...]

103, 2022

APACHE Stop and Go for even more efficient freight measurement

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Logistics benefits from increased output and time savings With the new APACHE Stop and Go function for our APACHE systems, we were able to further optimize the measuring process. In addition to increased output, the user also benefits from more efficient processes and the associated time savings. For example, as is already known, the freight is driven to the measuring point by a forklift truck. The forklift backs up a few centimeters, the measuring beam detects the exact position of the freight, and the measurement begins. This is precisely where the innovation lies, because the vehicle no longer has to leave the measuring field completely. After the length, width, height and weight have been quickly and accurately recorded, the pallet is picked up again by a short drive forward and moved on. Depending on the location, the APACHE Stop and Go system can be used from both sides so that there are no detours.

1502, 2022

Contour detection for increased efficiency

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System solution APACHE from AKL-tec provides comprehensive information   With the APACHE contour from AKL-tec, contours and a wide variety of features are detected. The customer receives a complete information image of freight, pallets or packaging and, in addition to the contour, also information about length, width, height and weight. The system can be used in a variety of applications. For example, the technology can help determine the shape in order to determine a suitable storage location as well as the stackability of the freight. This is particularly beneficial in aircraft, as aircraft fuselages differ and overhanging protrusions or deformations can damage them. At the same time, knowledge of protrusions on pallets, in skeleton containers or on other load carriers helps to avoid conveying problems and to detect damage to the load carrier. Contour detection also optimizes storage space by detecting fill levels, for example in cardboard boxes. Furthermore, localizing openings in pallet cages saves a considerable amount of time, so that access is made easier. All of the above factors add up to making the most of logistics processes. This is a decisive factor, especially in view of the increasing automation of logistics processes. In addition to the APACHE contour, other APACHE systems can also be equipped with contour detection, resulting in an individual, customized system solution that leaves nothing undetected.

905, 2019

Bulk Truck Cargo Measurement as a new area of application

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AKL-tec presents APACHE btl at the transport logistic in Munich. A new system will be travelling to Munich with AKL-tec GmbH to the transport logistic. In Hall 3, Stand 121 the key topix will be the measurement of bulk truck cargo. Specific inquiries about a solution for this issue led the company to the decision on addressing the area of bulk cargo next to the well-known APACHE and redtagger-systems. The idea is to detect the volume of the truck cargo on tipper trucks. The principle is the same as with standard APACHE-systems:  The vehicle drives underneath of two laser scanners attached to a motorized measuring beam. The measurement is started and the gathered data is transferred to the customer database. For visualization purposes AKL-tec plans to display a miniature truck being measured at the trade show. "We are excited to be presenting the areas of application for APACHE btl. With bulk truck cargo it is often not enough to simply weigh the cargo, as some cargo deviates significantly when being wet or dry. Therefore our solution of cargo measurement delivers a much better clarity of the actual amount.", says Rüdiger Elben CEO of AKL-tec GmbH. Next to btl AKL-tec will be displaying APACHE portal first choice. The volume measurement system is extremely compact, robust and easy to install. Therefore the device can be set up or moved to another location on a truck within a small amount of time. Through the detection of volume an weight of cargo under-declared freight can easily be tracked down. Due to its' conformity assessment the data can be used for legally relevant billing purposes.

2210, 2018

Measuring shrink-wrapped objects with CubiScan

October 22nd, 2018|Categories: News, Video|

Many customers use our CubiScan products to measure shrink-wrapped objects, such as textiles or other small parts. In many cases the wrapping has lots of excess material around the actual content. Therefore our CubiScan 25 series (meaning 25, 125 and 325) are equipped with a smart filter function which detects polybag material and removes it before the volume detection. This enables you to receive precise dimension data without the polybag material on demand.

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