redtagger T-400

redtagger T-400

The fully automated Document Handling system for handling documents in shipping applications. redtagger T-400 is a system for automatic printing, folding and application of shipping labels and documents.

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Document Pouch insertion system

redtagger T-400 is a system for the automatic printing, folding and applying of shipping labels and shipping documents. The T-400 system is connected to your existing IT-system which enables it to operate fully automatic. The applied document pouch is simultaneously the shipping label which holds the delivery slips, invoices or other types of documents, which were folded from A4 into A6.

The shipping labels have an adhesive film on the outer borders so they can be easily applied on top of the folded shipping documents, which were folded and placed on the carton in advance. This far more efficient process of document handling therefore saves a significant amount of time as traditional methods and systems.

Additionally the system is equipped with sensors, which enable the verification between the documents and shipping carton. Therefore incorrect deliveries or shipping documents belong to the past. Optionally the system can furthermore be equipped with cameras to photographically document every step of the handling process.


  • Automatic job start
  • Receipt insertion in document pouch
  • Insertion of shipping documents and label
  • Labelling of all shipping goods for in- and outgoing goods



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