APACHE portal lean

With its reduced measuring range, the APACHE portal lean is suitable for automatic recording of length, width, height, volume, weight and photo as well. Available as a detached version.
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The little APACHE.

The cargo is brought to the cargo checkpoint using a forklift, a hand pallet truck or an electric pallet truck. There it is parked on a platform scale. Length, width, height, loading equipment, volume, weight and photo are automatically displayed, stored and documented.

The measuring range has been reduced (195 cm x 150 cm x 260 cm).

Additional information

Product Dimensions

The dimensions depend on the mount of choice (ceiling)

Measuring Area

Max. 195 cm x 150 cm x 260 cm

Measurement Uncertainty

1,5 cm / 1,5 cm / 1,5 cm

Minimum package size

10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm


Platform scale, mobile weighing technology

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