APACHE portal lean

APACHE portal lean

With its reduced measuring range, the APACHE portal lean is suitable for automatic recording of length, width, height, volume, weight and photo as well. Available as a detached version.
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The small APACHE.

The freight is brought to the freight checkpoint by forklift, hand pallet truck or electric pallet truck. There it is placed on a platform scale. Length, width, height, loading equipment, volume, weight and photo are automatically displayed, stored and documented. The measuring range has been reduced (195 cm x 150 cm x 260 cm).

Your advantages:

  • Proven and reliable APACHE laser scanning without
    restrictions on color and shape
  • 1 scanning laser scanner on a driven measuring beam captures the object, optional camera documents the freight photorealistically
  • The object is placed within the measuring zone and the measuring process is started by barcode scan or manually
  • Data transfer to the customer database – length, width, height, photo and weight are automatically transferred to your system via defined interfaces
  • Detection of under-declared freight leads to a quick return on investment

Additional information

Product Dimensions

The dimensions depend on the mount of choice (ceiling)

Measuring Area

Max. 195 cm x 150 cm x 260 cm

Measurement Uncertainty

1,5 cm / 1,5 cm / 1,5 cm

Minimum package size

10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm


Platform scale, mobile weighing technology



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