APACHE Conveyor Checker

The 1-scanning solution for the measurement of rectangular objects in the flow, thus ensuring the delivery process without having to stop a continued rapid flow of material, but with a complete survey of the objects.
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The APACHE conveyor checker system can be used as a scanning solution (APACHE conveyor checker) for the measurement only of rectangular objects or as a 2-scanner-solution (APACHE conveyor) provided for the measurement of almost arbitrarily shaped objects (so-called Irregs). The identification of the parcels to be measured via automatic or manual barcode reading on transponders (RFID) or via a direct connection to the material flow control of the conveyor system. Once measured and recorded APACHE presents the data obtained on system-specific interfaces continue processing systems available – fully documented and commented on how it should be for a “modern eagle eye” is.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

The dimensions depend on the mount of choice (ceiling, wall, free-standing)

Measuring Area

350 cm x 250 cm x 280 cm


2 cm / 2 cm / 1 cm

Minimum package size

20 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm

Movement Speed

ca. 0,2 – 0,8 m/sec.


The technical data of the weighing device can be found in the manufacturer’s documentation.



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