APACHE portal dual zone

APACHE portal dual zone

New in portal – Several independent measuring zones in one device.

When parcels have to be handled quickly, what is required is an optimum process.

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New in the portal – Several independent measuring zones in one device.

When things have to move quickly in general cargo handling, an optimal process is essential. While one object is being measured, the next one can already be fetched. But operating with two or more vehicles to load and unload the measuring station often leads to waiting times. The multi-zone concept of the new APACHE portal offers a clever solution here that was previously only available in the APACHE big bear: measuring stations can be freely defined and measured independently of each other – effectively two devices in one.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Measurement of freight of almost any shape and size on two independent measuring zones increases throughput
  • While measuring on one measuring zone, the next object can already be placed in the 2nd measuring zone
  • Measuring area can be extended individually and flexibly, both measuring zones can be connected together for measuring long goods
  • Optional platform scales per measuring station, also interconnectable for determining the weight of long goods
  • Electronic measurement of freight as well as optional weighing and documentation with camera
  • 2 laser probes on a driven measuring beam detect the object in the respective measuring zone, optional camera documents the freight photorealistically
  • The object is placed within the free measuring zone and the measuring process is started by barcode scan or manually
  • Transfer of data to the customer database – length, width, height, photo and weight are automatically transferred to the system through defined interfaces
  • All measurement data is legally relevant due to the conformity assessment of the measurement system and can therefore be used for billing purposes
  • The detection of under-declared freight leads to a rapid amortization of the investment

Additional information

Product Dimensions

The dimensions depend on the mount of choice (ceiling, wall, free-standing)

Measuring Area

per measuring zone – 250 (350) cm x 250 cm x 280 cm


2 cm / 2 cm / 1 cm

Minimum package size

20 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm

Movement Speed

ca. 0,4m/sec.


Usually one platform per measuring station Size and weighing range as required The technical data are given in the documentation of the manufacturer of the weighing device.



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