APACHE flying forklift

APACHE flying forklift

The dynamic system for volume and weight detection as well as photo creation, the cargo is measured simply and quickly while the forklift is passing through.
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With the dynamic system for volume and weight measurement as well as photo creation, the cargo is simply and quickly measured during transit with a standard forklift without making a stop. The measurement is carried out by three laser scanners and a camera, which identify the forklifts with a smart marker. During the measurement the markers are blinded out and the freight data is determined precisely. The allocation of the freight takes place at the entrance via a barcode, transponder or direct connection to the material flow control. The gathered data (dimensions, weight and pictures of the freight) is transferred immediately into your system after the passage. The APACHE flying forklift is the fastest and most effective variant of the APACHE product family to capture legally relevant master data. The detection of under-declared cargo also leads to rapid amortization and high profitability of the system.


  • Higher throughput resulting in time-saving process
  • Precise volume detection and therefore better commissioning
  • User-friendly overhead display for clear instructions
  • Seamless connection to warehousing software
  • Fully automatic process of freight measurement

Additional information

Product Dimensions

Depend on the mount of choice

Measuring Area

max. 200cm x 200cm x 280cm


2cm / 2cm / 2cm

Minimum package size

20cm x 20cm x 10cm

Movement Speed

Forklift ca. 0,7 m/sec.


Weighing forks or platform scale



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