Contour detection

Contour detection

In logistic processes the contour detection is becoming more and more important.  So it is possible to detect packaging errors or damages in an early stage and avoid negative effects.
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The basic requirement for achieving the optimum in logistics processes is the best possible documentation of the freight or goods. Although data such as length, width, height and weight provide information on how to ideally load or stack, the contour also plays a decisive role. After all, this involves details that can become relevant in the course of the process. Especially in view of the advancing automation of logistics processes, contour detection is becoming more and more important. For example, in addition to packaging errors, damage can also be detected at an early stage and negative effects prevented.

We can provide this information and thus give our customers a complete information picture with regard to their freight, but also with regard to pallets or packaging. Only in this way are optimal conditions created. Thanks to our technological expertise in this area, we offer systems equipped with this feature. Individual special solutions are also possible. Apart from the clear advantages and increased efficiency that result in the area of freight measurement, the recording of contours is also a useful parameter in the acquisition of master data.

Areas of application:

  • Determination of the shape to determine a suitable storage place and stackability of the cargo (e.g. in the airplane)
  • Detect overhangs on pallets, skeleton containers or other load carriers and thus avoid conveying problems
  • spatial orientation can make processes more efficient by, for example, locating the openings of mesh boxes and making access easier
  • Checking whether there are any bulges or deformations with regard to the load carriers in order to minimize the probability of fractures
  • Detection of damage to the load carrier
  • In order to optimize stowage spaces, exact contour detection also enables fill level detection, e.g. for cardboard boxes


Our laser measurement systems generate a 3D contour, which can be used to detect a wide variety of features. To generate such contours, AKL-tec has been using the APACHE contour system for years to offer solutions individually adapted to customer requirements.

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