The customer expects a faster and faster processing of his order. Efficient shipping processes including precise measurements are therefore essential. The successful use of measurement technology often goes unnoticed and this clearly speaks for a sophisticated, perfectly functioning system.

But in the background this means
years of work and countless test runs. So a lot of time and sweat is put into developing and testing the measuring equipment to ensure that it works flawlessly. This is because inaccurate measurements can cause many problems, for example, the goods cannot be stored in the designated storage location. This results in a chain reaction that has a negative impact on operational processes. But it is not only in the warehouse that inaccurate data leads to delays, but also, for example, during truck loading.

Since every centimeter in the warehouse and truck counts: Get the most out of your space! Rely on automated solutions and precise measurements. Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment by sending an e-mail to

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