When searching for a high-quality, reliable and accurate #dimensioning system, many questions arise. Every #system has strengths and weaknesses, but with the following three questions, you’re guaranteed to find the #solution that fits you and your needs.

1. what certifications does the system have?

There are several certifications you should ask about. For example, in some regions of the world, the Legal-for-Trade (LFT) certificate is a prerequisite for being allowed to use the data obtained for billing purposes. If the sizing system is used solely for internal purposes, such as inventory management, the certificate is not a requirement. Although security certificates are standard for most systems, it is still worth asking for them. Better safe than sorry.

2nd test phase?

For the measurement system to function properly, it must undergo rigorous testing. Before it is used in the warehouse, extensive testing of hardware and software components is essential. Before you buy, make sure the vendor can provide documentation showing that the device has passed rigorous testing. After all, there is nothing worse than unreliable, incorrect measurement results.

3rd Are there limitations?

Every technology has pros and cons, and it’s important to know what they are. For example, not all objects can be measured with the same measurement technology. When talking to potential suppliers, explain exactly which products, surfaces and materials you would like to measure. Only in this way can you be given an expert recommendation.

Ask the right questions. You can arrange a non-binding consultation appointment by sending an e-mail to sales@akl-tec.de.