With the redtagger series, AKL-tec GmbH has launched products for efficient and economical order picking. The five redtagger product groups are predestined for use in picking and distribution centers, where they enable a flexible flow of goods and minimize time-consuming manual activities. T-300 enables fully automated printing and insertion of shipment documents such as delivery bills, invoices and remittance slips. After printing, these documents are moved into an automatic document diverter and forwarded to a document applicator, which inserts the papers horizontally into the respective box or a plastic box. The special feature of the T-400 system technology is AKL-tec’s own folding units, which fold the documents, for example, to DIN A6 format. They are then automatically placed in the delivery note pocket, which also serves as a shipping label. Depending on the application, other formats can also be implemented. The T-500 model is characterized by a special feeder-connector technology which, after printing the documents, merges them with the goods. In the next step, the goods are securely packed and sealed. At this point, an additional T-200 can be used. The system is designed for automatic printing and application of barcode or shipping labels. Likewise, the redtagger T-100 is designed for applying labels. All models can be integrated into existing plant technology as well as combined with the APACHE system from AKL-tec. “We cover a high demand in picking and distribution centers with the product series. Thanks to the automated and efficient approach, just-in-time print data processing is achieved with increased cost-effectiveness and a more flexible flow of goods. With redtagger, incorrect deliveries and faulty delivery bills will be a thing of the past in the future,” says Michael Hoffmann, Sales Manager of the redtagger product line, highlighting the benefits.