• The dynamic system for volume and weight detection as well as photo creation, the cargo is measured simply and quickly while the forklift is passing through. Request a free quote now!
  • Reduced to the essentials. Compact, rugged and easy to install - This is the APACHE portal first choice. In addition, the system is easier to transport than his big brother APACHE portal movable. Request a free quote now!
  • Our standard system for automatic detection of length, width, height, loading equipment, volume, weight and photo. This mobile version is portable - Flexibility pays off.

    Request a free quote now!
  • The CubiScan 325 sets a higher standard of measurement accuracy. It can also benefit the environment by reducing packaging waste an minimizing transportation fuel costs and carbon emissions. The system can be used for storage space planning, creating shipment manifests and obtaining detailed dimensioning data. Request a free quote now!
  • Proven robust and feature-oriented system for fast and accurate weighing and measuring cuboid cargo. The integrated weighing table and the Multi-dimensional measuring device for the package dimensions are calibrated according to MID and NAWI. Request a free quote now!
  • With thousands of successful integrations is this one the international classic system of the CubiScan series. Measurement of weight and space requirements for small, rectangular objects such as boxes and selling packaged goods. An extremely rugged and compact design opens up new possibilities in the warehouse optimization. Request a free quote now!
  • A compact desktop unit for the measurement of books, CDs, brochures and smaller objects. An accurate integrated scale and a high-resolution altimeter system to determine dimensions and weight. Request a free quote now!
  • This device uses a combination of different sensor technologies for the static volume and weight determination of both irregularly shaped objects as well as cubic objects. Small parts and non-cubic objects are measured by infrared scanning with very high precision, whereas larger, cubic objects, such as Cartons, can be measured with ultrasonic sensors. Request a free quote now!
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