Today we would like to give another small insight into our work on customer-specific projects.

What happens when, for example, Euro pallets are used for months or even years for transport, handling and storage? Over time, the quality of the pallet deteriorates, the wood becomes brittle and fragile, and fractures and splintering occur due to improper handling. The result is wobbly pallets that do not ensure optimal functionality.

For this reason, a customer asked us to develop a solution that would enable the detection of such unstable pallets via camera – and we developed it immediately. Today, the system is successfully in operation and, with the help of LMS sensors, saves the customer from a standstill of his conveyor belts, which could occur due to unstable or defective pallets. This is because these are now already sorted out here in advance during acceptance. Last but not least, this has of course also enormously increased work safety for everyone on site.

In addition, we can also use a deep-learning solution to recognize pallet labels
(IPPC / Chep / EWP and others)!