Fully automated document handling and more economical picking – the redtagger products from AKL-tec GmbH ensure a significant increase in productivity in logistics and distribution centers. Thanks to the high degree of automation and the reduction of time-consuming manual activities, an absolutely flexible flow of goods is thus guaranteed in the outgoing goods department. This Redefining Document Handling is based on the classical approaches of document handling, but extends this branch with an unprecedented concept in terms of modularity in combination with numerous validation mechanisms. In this way, document handling is made absolutely process-safe. Especially in the T-300 and T-400 versions, customers are offered an all-round, worry-free package that leaves nothing to be desired. In the redtagger T-300 version, the independent printing and insertion of shipment documents – such as delivery bills, invoices or remittance slips – is automated. After printing, the shipment documents are moved into a document diverter and then forwarded to a document applicator, which inserts the papers into the relevant box. The document diverter ensures that the material flow acts independently and jobs can be collected or buffered. In-line folding units further simplify the process. With the help of the redtagger T-400 solution, shipment documents can also be automatically inserted into a delivery note pocket, which also serves as a shipping label. In this variant, the shipping labels are provided with an adhesive film on the outer sides and are simply attached over the respective shipment documents, which have previously been folded and placed accordingly on the carton. Depending on the application and in terms of individualization, other formats can also be implemented. The automation solutions can be easily integrated into existing conveyor belt systems and infrastructures. In doing so, the modular redtagger products are flexibly adapted to the respective customer requirements in order to achieve a considerable increase in efficiency.

Further info at: https://akl-tec.de/dokumentenhandling/