With the APACHE DWS Static, AKL-tec GmbH offers its customers a new generation of its proven volume measurement and weighing system APACHE. The innovative solution combines both the measurement and weighing of arbitrarily shaped objects as well as reliable master data acquisition and freight measurement in one system. In the course of this, two laser measuring heads first determine the volume of the goods. The scale, which is also integrated, simultaneously measures the weight of the conveyable or non-conveyable goods. Following the successful measurement, a photo is automatically created. Depending on the configuration, additional cameras are available that work with partial blurring. Thanks to the so-called “cropping” feature, the DWS Static is able to crop the generated images of the goods so that only the measured object is visible. The edges remain clear, but the surrounding area and people standing next to it are not visible. Equipped with a hand-held barcode scanner, the system finally enables the values to be transmitted, together with a photo, which is then automatically transferred to the customer database via defined interfaces. Thanks to its efficient design, DWS Static offers flexible application options that allow the solution to be integrated into a conveyor line manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically. In addition, stand-alone operation is possible without additional accessories. DWS Static is also type-tested in accordance with the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) and thus also approved for use in legally relevant business transactions – i.e. for billing purposes. Another advantage is that the solution can be individually expanded thanks to its modular design. In parallel, it offers various standard measuring surfaces, so that the optimum system is available for every area of application. Thanks to precise 3D information, APACHE DWS Static enables the acquisition and classification of advanced master data that can be specifically adapted to customer requirements. This not only includes information regarding length, width, height and weight, but also allows conclusions to be drawn regarding stackability, conveyability as well as condition. At the same time, the data provides information regarding the contours or corners of the goods. The innovative solution is suitable for use by courier, express and parcel services and is also virtually predestined for use in logistics centers.