AKL-tec presents the CubiScan 75 for the measurement of cardboard boxes and packages.The CubiScan 75 is AKL-tec’s newest addition to the CubiScan family. The dimensioning system is intended to measure cubic objects such as cardboard boxes and parcels and can find an application in any type of logistics environment as well as parcel, express or other type of delivery service. The CubiScan 75 does not merely measure packages for shipping purposes, but it can also help with transportation and storage planning. With its overall dimensions of 160cm height, 75cm length and a width of 45 cm almost any type of object can be precisely measured. The device itself is incredibly easy to use. Simply place a box or parcel on the measurement surface. Within fractions of seconds the camera-based 3D sensor detects the object and will automatically start the measurement and deliver a precise measurement result while simultaneously taking a photograph. Furthermore AKL-tec offers the useful addition of a scale to weigh the object being measured. “The dimensions and if applicable weight data are transferred to the software via Ethernet and can be permanently stored and recalled at any time. In combination with the short measurement time, which is around two to three seconds, make the CubiScan 75 considerably time-saving”, explains Rüdiger Elben CEO of AKL-tec GmbH.