Rüdinger Spedition GmbH, based in Krautheim, Baden-Württemberg, specializes in the transport of XXL general cargo and uses the APACHE freight volume measuring device from AKL-tec in its transshipment hall. “Thanks to this multi-dimensional measuring system, manual measuring, writing down, weighing and re-noting of the data and thus any transmission errors are a thing of the past,” explains Managing Director Roland Rüdinger. The APACHE records all decisive values with the highest precision, accurate to the millimeter and gram, and avoids sources of error. In addition, the automatic procedure represents an enormous time advantage, as the delivered palletized goods can be measured, sorted and loaded directly after arrival. In addition, not only are incorrect vehicle requirements or overloading avoided. It is also possible to transport as many goods as possible per truck, thus ensuring economical and environmentally friendly transport. A standard system was out of the question for Rüdinger Spedition. All the better that AKL-tec GmbH manufactures each system individually, flexibly and tailor-made for the customer. For measurement purposes, the freight, which can be up to five meters long, a maximum of 2.5 meters wide and up to 2.8 meters high, is positioned under the APACHE system on a scale embedded in the floor. Two laser measuring heads then scan the goods three-dimensionally. During the measurement, a photo of the object is automatically created and integrated into the shipment order. Within seconds, the process is complete and the weight and dimension data are reliably stored in the system. The warehouse staff can then use a barcode to extract precise information regarding the dimension and the further transport route. “Since we have been working with APACHE, we have not only been able to load our trucks optimally, but also to act more economically. In addition, delayed departures due to unforeseeable loading difficulties are avoided,” sums up Managing Director Roland Rüdinger with satisfaction. Thanks to the APACHE system, all logistical processes are fast, precise and optimally organized.