With a sensible product adaptation of the CubiScan 125, AKL-tec GmbH underpins its competence in master data acquisition. The device is designed for static volume and weight measurement of irregularly shaped as well as cubic objects. The revised toolkit now features a high-resolution 20 megapixel camera with optical zoom, which simplifies the customer’s processes. From now on, the customer no longer has to first measure the item using CubiScan and then photograph it in the studio. Instead, thanks to complete automation, a high-resolution photo can now be taken directly in plan view, eliminating a time-consuming step for the customer. In addition, the software offers the option of cropping, in which the object on the image is cropped and the rest is removed. In this way, the customer automatically receives a cropped image of the object, which he can also use for advertising purposes, for example. In addition, the image can also be used to identify details such as content information or other labels. Furthermore, the high resolution can be used in applications for the recognition of clear text such as labels or content information. For measurement, small parts and non-cubic objects are measured by infrared scanning and larger, cubic objects such as cartons are measured with ultrasonic sensors with very high precision of up to 0.1 cm. CubiScan 125 is specially tailored for connection to a warehouse management system. On the one hand, this facilitates picking and transport planning and, on the other, the selection of packaging and storage location. In addition, it is suitable for checkweighing and is compatible with programs for load optimization. It is not only the touchscreen display that ensures easy operation. A mobile cart and other accessories enable a mobile workstation to be set up so that CubiScan 125 can be used flexibly anywhere in the warehouse.