System solution APACHE from AKL-tec provides comprehensive information 

With the APACHE contour from AKL-tec, contours and a wide variety of features are detected. The customer receives a complete information image of freight, pallets or packaging and, in addition to the contour, also information about length, width, height and weight. The system can be used in a variety of applications. For example, the technology can help determine the shape in order to determine a suitable storage location as well as the stackability of the freight. This is particularly beneficial in aircraft, as aircraft fuselages differ and overhanging protrusions or deformations can damage them. At the same time, knowledge of protrusions on pallets, in skeleton containers or on other load carriers helps to avoid conveying problems and to detect damage to the load carrier. Contour detection also optimizes storage space by detecting fill levels, for example in cardboard boxes. Furthermore, localizing openings in pallet cages saves a considerable amount of time, so that access is made easier. All of the above factors add up to making the most of logistics processes. This is a decisive factor, especially in view of the increasing automation of logistics processes. In addition to the APACHE contour, other APACHE systems can also be equipped with contour detection, resulting in an individual, customized system solution that leaves nothing undetected.