Powerful technology and economical in operation

The solutions from AKL-tec will also be on display this year at the ‘Transport and Logistics Innovation Week’ SITL, which will take place from September 13 to 15 at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center in Paris. At booth B65 of partner company Tecsoft – which is responsible for sales of the APACHE and Cubiscan product lines in France – the main focus will be on the Cubiscan 325.

This precision-fit, static solution is used to measure logistical objects for master data collection and to determine packaging sizes in retail and wholesale. Cubiscan 325 features directional infrared light grid technology as well as an integrated scale, so that the data of irregularly shaped as well as cubic objects can be easily determined. The measuring range is 90 cm long and 60 cm wide and high, and the goods to be measured can also lie in a weight range between 0.002 kg and 25 kg. In the course of the measurement, the object is positioned on the measuring and weighing surface, the infrared light grid is moved manually and the dimensioning data is recorded exactly within three to seven seconds. Since the measuring steps allow for very precise results with a distance of only 1.3 mm, the collected data can provide information regarding the required storage area, packaging size or even the need for packaging material. “The better the information, the more economically our customers can operate: Shipping costs are reduced, as is the amount of waste. In addition, this the determined data of the fast and reliable preparation of shipping documents. All in all, resources are saved in this way, efficient processes are created and a sustainable way of working is promoted,” says AKL-tec Managing Director Rüdiger Elben, explaining the advantages of accurate measurement in logistics processes with the help of Cubiscan 325. Thanks to an optionally available software solution, it is possible to create a common interface and connect Cubiscan 325 directly to the customer’s system. All collected data is immediately fed in and can be further processed. Visitors to the trade show for transport and logistics can therefore see for themselves on site a solution that not only features powerful sensor technology, but also offers an equally reliable and economical way of determining dimension and weight data quickly and easily.