Today we are on our own account and would like to introduce ourselves once again to all new followers!
We are a medium-sized, family-run company based in Alsdorf in northern Rhineland-Palatinate. Rural and surrounded by nature, the latter is just as important to us as our employees. That is why we are characterized by fair working conditions and one or two extra benefits. For example, our employees can charge their electric vehicles without limit at one of the e-charging stations in front of our building. We installed this in 2022 and, in combination with a photovoltaic system on the roof of our halls, we are making a significant contribution to the environment. In terms of ergonomics and a healthy posture at the workplace, we rely on height-adjustable desks for our employees. The topic of #home office and mobile working is also always possible with us.

As a hidden champion in the field of #logistics solutions, #innovations are right at the top of our list. Thanks to future-oriented thinking and our own #product development, we not only offer everything related to the optimization of warehouses and logistics centers from a single source, but also regularly launch new products or product enhancements on the market. We do not shy away from challenges, because our flexible production options give us the opportunity to react quickly and individually to special requirements.