This shows that at AKL-tec, customer orientation is not just an empty phrase, but is actually lived.

Based on customer feedback and its own drive in terms of customer orientation, AKL-tec has developed two independent visual systems – the “Spotlight” system and the “Area Marking” system (AMS):

The “Spotlight” system sends a colored cone of light onto the measurement area. This indicates to all parties involved which status the measurement is in and/or whether the measurement area is blocked. The advantage over conventional signal towers, which are usually installed above the regular field of vision, is that forklift operators do not have to look up to find out the status, but the display is located in the “easily accessible” field of vision, namely on the floor.

The “Area Marking” system (AMS) works with a laser, which projects the measuring area absolutely precisely onto the floor, so that it is immediately recognizable for everyone if the measuring area is blocked by other objects or employees walking around, for example.
The system has proven itself especially in plants/systems that do not have carts on the floor, through which the measuring area is easier to see.

The great thing? Both systems can also be easily retrofitted and are a real hit in combination with our Stop & Go system!

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