With the help of our APACHE single & dual zones, our customers can also reliably measure particularly large unit loads and, at the same time, work with a digital twin thanks to the 3D point cloud.
The APACHE portal single zone (calibrated) can have a measuring range of up to 7 meters in length. The APACHE portal dual zone, on the other hand, comes up with two individual measuring zones of either 2.50 or even 3.50 meters each – the highlight: the two measuring zones can be combined on request for individual, large packages, creating a measuring range of 5 – 7 meters! This means that even the last 5% of oversized goods in the unit load can be measured.
The picture shows the measurement of one of our company cars (Cupra Leon ST) under the APACHE portal dual zone in our #Testcenter in #Alsdorf. With around 52,000 points, the point cloud provides absolutely accurate data and the possibility to continue working with it in a digital environment.