With its CubiScan brand products, AKL-tec GmbH offers uncomplicated systems for automated, simple and fast master data acquisition. Thanks to specially developed interfaces, the CubiScan volume measuring devices can be integrated directly into the customer’s IT infrastructure and thus the master data can be transferred automatically into the respective existing system. This simple integration and the possibility of uncomplicated retrofitting provide a high degree of flexibility.
CubiScan records master data such as length, width, height and weight within seconds. A color photo function is also available as an option. Handling is also extremely simple thanks to an intuitive interface. As a result, customers receive exact measurement data, which in turn enables very precise further processing and picking. In addition, the CubiScan systems support space-saving storage and packaging and thus offer the possibility of significantly reducing storage and shipping costs. An optimal and efficient choice can also be made with regard to the respective loading equipment on the basis of the data determined with CubiScan. This is because it is easy to determine the exact package size to reduce the empty volume to be shipped. Thanks to master data-based freight cost optimization, considerable savings can thus be achieved in many places.