Do you work in shifts and want all employees to have the same level of knowledge about our products? Would you like to expand the know-how of your operating personnel and explain the internal processes to all employees?

Then our in-house training courses are just right for you. In addition to regular instruction in accordance with IBN, we offer more in-depth training measures in collaboration with your staff on request. On the one hand, this increases the level of specialization of your employees and, on the other, their understanding of internal processes. Furthermore, sources of error can be eliminated and the level of satisfaction increased thanks to smarter and more LEAN processes. Your freight forwarders will also be pleased, as they receive highly accurate data for planning. This reliable data is the basis for smooth internal processes, such as stock maintenance and order point procedures.

The training courses are most effective when they are held in collaboration with an internal speaker from your company. This is because they can demonstrate the connections between our systems and your company processes.

Have we aroused your interest? Then please do not hesitate to contact us!