Our #all-rounder, the Cubiscan s9, is not only used by #forwarders, but is also suitable for companies that have their goods transported by #forwarders. Thanks to the use of the Cubiscan s9, they know the data of their #freight and can pass on both the exact pallet dimensions and the weight to the forwarding agent.
This allows them to plan precisely before picking up the goods and eliminates the need to measure the freight afterwards. This means that the costs of the shipment can be calculated immediately and accurately, avoiding costly additional payments due to incorrect #freight data. The exact data can be used to optimize the shipping density, further reducing #freight costs.
The s9 not only records the weight and #dimensions, but also takes photos – either as a stand-alone solution with a turntable or while the #pallet is wrapped in film. The data obtained is available immediately and paperless. The photorealistic images can be used to ensure that damage and shortage claims are properly documented and to defend against any damage claims. The s9, combined with an existing #wrapping system, requires hardly any additional space and the scan of the freight runs just as fast as the goods are wrapped – so no additional handling and no additional time required for highly accurate #freight data!
It also lends itself to integrating our AI features into the system to maximize advanced logistical master data at the end of the wrapping process.