On August 30, for the first time an event of the BVL – Bundesvereinigung Logistik took place in our company. Together with our partner, VETTER Industrie GmbH, we presented the possibilities and opportunities that our products offer the market. Among other things, the purpose of the so-called “digital twin” was discussed.

Within the scope of a practical demonstration, our guests could marvel at the result of our research and development work. In combination with the SmartFork technology developed by Vetter, we were able to develop a ‘deep learning program’ that can recognize and classify pallet markings in real time with a camera integrated in the fork and feed them into the customer system.

This development not only simplifies pallet account management, among other things, but also helps users pick up the right pallet at the right place, thus avoiding incorrect loading. Safety and quality standards can also be better controlled and maintained.
We are already working on an extension of the system to offer even more functions in this area. Automating workflows, avoiding sources of error and increasing occupational safety – we are very pleased to be able to bring everyone involved a little closer to achieving these goals!
We would like to thank BVL for the great opportunity and for visiting us on site!