We have made the experience that many people are interested in what is going on in our company and we would like to take this interest into account by providing you with small insights into what is happening at AKL-tec at irregular intervals from today on.

To start this series, we can immediately report that we have successfully installed 13 of our systems in the Netherlands, France, Germany and the Czech Republic in the last two weeks. These include APACHE p8 (LFT), APACHE conveyor pallet jack (LFT) and redtagger T200. We would like to thank our customers for the trust they have placed in us and look forward to our continued cooperation!

As it should be, a surveillance audit of the PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) took place at our company this week. Content was the conformity assessment procedure according to module B of the
European Directive for Measuring Instruments (MID). As we have done for years, we were able to pass this audit with success.

In the current very fast-moving times, it is also good to look at one’s own history and to see that even in the years after the foundation of the company, systems were built that are still successfully in operation today and which we even keep up to date with software updates! In this context, we have provided one of our machines built in 1998 with a software upgrade and brought it up to date. This shows that our customers can rely on the high quality standards and also on long-term support from us.

Our colleagues in Spain – LYL Ingenieria – successfully commissioned an APACHE 4-zone multi-zone system last week. With a length of about 10 meters and a ceiling suspension on a nearly 10 meter high ceiling, this is not an everyday event – congratulations to you, colleagues, and have fun with the system to our customer!

Cubiscan USA supplied another customer this week with a system that implements the “stop-and-go” function we developed. The vehicle no longer has to leave the measuring field completely and the measuring arm already moves into a pre-position when the vehicle approaches, which shortens the stop for measuring.
A correspondingly high measurement quality is achieved due to the steady position of the goods. After the fast, exact recording of length, width, height and weight, the pallet is picked up again by a short drive forward and moved on.”

For more information and a corresponding video on the system, please use the following link: https://lnkd.in/dBcNbxfq

At this point a special thanks to Matthias Mattheis for the great animation!