With CubiScan 325, AKL-tec GmbH presents a precisely fitting solution for the measurement of logistical objects for master data acquisition and the determination of packaging sizes in retail and wholesale trade. Part of the static dimensioning system is not only the trend-setting infrared light grid technology, but also a scale that determines the weight of irregularly shaped as well as cubic objects. Thanks to a measuring range of 90 centimeters in length and 60 centimeters in both width and height, CubiScan is the ideal partner for goods from 0.002 kilograms to 25 kilograms. For the determination, the opaque object is positioned on the measuring and weighing surface, the infrared light grid is manually moved and the dimensioning data is accurately recorded within three to seven seconds. “The system calculates very precisely with measuring steps of 1.3 mm. Based on the data obtained, both the need for storage space and packaging sizes can be optimized and the consumption of packaging material can be reduced. The bottom line is that not only can shipping costs and waste be significantly reduced. Rather, the determined data is also suitable for the preparation of shipping documents,” explains Lars Hintze, Manager Marketing & Sales at AKL-tec. As a further advantage, he mentions the connection options via RS232, USB, or Ethernet connection, which ensure communication to a PC. As an option, customers can obtain specially developed software, which, in addition to the actual interface functionality, provides menu-guided control of measurements, their storage, transfer and various system diagnostics. With its powerful sensor technology, CubiScan 325 proves to be a flexible and economical solution for the fast and at the same time uncomplicated determination of dimensional and weight data.